Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year.................New Review

Hello Everyone and Happy New year!

I would have created a blog post yesterday but I was too busy doing nothing all day in my jammies.  LOL!

But even though I was AWOL, my book wasn't as it was featured on Mark Lipinski's Facebook Live program yesterday afternoon.  What a way to start a brand new year!

If you missed it -- here's the link to his Blog where you can watch his live program from January 1st:  Mark Lipiniski's Blog

WOW!  I can't believe it but Mark said he had over 11,000 hits for the Live Program yesterday.  OMG -- that's mind-boggling!!!!!!

Mark had a nice recipe for Irish coffee as well as showing lots of great books and fabrics that he'd just received -- truly quilter's candy!!!   Oh yeah -- I Love Precut Quilts was  featured on there too (wink, wink).

 Mark suggested that quilters make their own precuts instead of buying the prepackaged ones.  Yep, my book would be great to use up your stash that way you can buy more fabric.  He also mentioned my second book, A Russian Journey in Quilts (this was his favorite of mine so far).

Thanks, Mark -- you rock!

Sew, what are you waiting for????  GO CHECK IT OUT!

Mark Lipiniski's Blog

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