Sunday, April 24, 2016

First Quilt Show in 2016

YAY!  Today was the first quilt show that I've gone to this year.  I almost went to one a couple weeks ago, but we had a freak Saturday snow storm so I ended up staying home and doing some hand-sewing that day.

Today was a PERFECT day for a quilt show.

I started the day by meeting three friends at the library for a Sunday "Sew Day."  We worked until around noon then headed over to the quilt show at the high school across town.  We had some lunch and then the fun began -- quilts and shopping.

I used to belong to the guild that sponsors this show every other year, but then I had a work conflict so couldn't attend meetings.

I thought I'd share some of the quilts that I found inspiring, although there was a wonderful assortment of quilts -- around 135 to feast my eyes on.

Sadly, I really didn't have anything to submit to the show because most everything that I've done lately has been professional in nature and was shipping shortly after completion.  But, ironically, I was represented at the show -- I quilted a baby quilt for a friend a while back and she put it in the show and included my name as the quilter -- so there!  My work was in the show.  :)

Here's Greta's adorable baby quilt!

One of the quilters who exhibited at the show had several "orphan quilts."  There wasn't much information, but I really found them wonderful.  I don't know if she started with orphan blocks and finished the top before quilting or if she started with tops and then quilted them.,  It really doesn't matter, though, because she completed them and now the quilts are happy!

Not all of the quilts in the photo were from the same quilter, but it's wonderful to see quilters honoring the past by either finishing orphans or else using up vintage fabrics in new quilts.

The next group of quilts were done by friends who submitted them for the quilt show.

 This Underground Railroad Quilt (designed by Eleanor Burns) was made by my friend Becky.  This is her first "real quilt".  She won a BLUE RIBBON!

The quilt above was done by my friend Sondra....
Love love love the fabrics and how she treated the alternate rows of FG's.

This quilt was done by my friend, Suzanne.  I love her use of the tiny red sashing strips.  They really make this quilt pop.  She told me this one will be donated for a fundraiser.

This quilt was made by Sondra's mom, Cindy.  It was a medallion quilt guild challenge last year. 
 Sew Sew pretty.

This quilt was made by my friend Vita, who is an amazing modern quilter and long arm quilter!  Gorgeous, huh?

This sweet guild won a second place ribbon.  Not bad for a child, is it?  This quilt was made by my friend Jill's daughter (Shirley's granddaughter), Taylor.  She's eight or nine, I think.

Finally, this is my friend Kristine's quilt.  It was featured in an issue of Quilter's World Magazine.  Isn't it wonderful?  The amazing swirling quilting was done by another friend and mentor, Cheryl.

 My friend Pat made sure to tell me about this quilt.  The blocks were made in the 1940's by her great-grandmother and she just finished putting them together in this quilt.  Then she hand-quilted it.  What a wonderful tribune to her great-grandmother's memory, wouldn't you say?

Well, I hope you enjoyed this peak into the 2016 Country Charms Quilt Show in Cochranton, PA.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Weather Brings.....Christmas Quilts????

After months of craziness, I am hopeful that my world is going to stop spinning for a while!

And while I enjoy this little calm in the storm of my crazy mixed-up life,  I thought I'd try blogging again.


As I sit here on this balmy April evening with the window open, the overhead fanning humming away, and the peepers (tree frogs) singing their very loud opera outside, I can't help but shake my head over my recent projects for Quilter's World magazine:


What?  You might ask.  What's wrong with you?  Are you nuts?

Probably, but in the meantime allow me to explain.

When it comes to designing for magazines or other publications for that matter, you are never making seasonal and holiday items during the correct time/season.  Strange, I know, but how else can the magazine/publication bring your your seasonal/holiday issues unless they're doing the upcoming winter issue in the spring and next year's spring issue in the summer? 

This may sound strange, but I take comfort in the fact that the seasons and holidays still follow in the correct order, just at different times of the year.

Okay, so right now I'm working on a set of Christmas place mats, a snowman table runner, and a snowflake table runner.  Right now.  In April.

Believe it or not, but there is an upside to working on seasonal/holiday items out of time -- by the time the season or holiday rolls around, I've already got a stash of new quilts ready to display, give as gifts, or donate to my favorite charity.  Just sayin'........

Here are some photos of Winter and Christmas quilts that I've made over the last couple years for various publications and patterns.