Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ollie the Owl is Going Places

Everyone remembers "Where's Waldo" right?  Or maybe the "Flat Stanley" school project where A child mails a paper "Flat Stanley" to a grandparent or friend who lives somewhere else and that person takes Stanley around and writes about his adventures?

Well, I have a really fun idea that I'm going to do.

Meet  Ollie Q. Owl --

 Taking a little time out of his very busy schedule to 

smell the flowers and to say "Hello."

Ollie is young, single, and loves to travel.  His favorite color is green.  He likes sunsets, dogs, and going on road trips.  He has many friends and enjoys hanging out.  But most off all -- he adores adventures.

 Well, Ollie just got back from a trip across the country.  He traveled in the company of my 16 quilt projects for my new book, I Love Precut Quilts! all the way from Pennsylvania to California and back again.

In fact, Ollie is even in the new quilt book -- he's such a super star!  Ollie says that you just have to get your own copy of I Love Precut Quilts! when it comes out in November just so that you have his photo.  And if you see us around sometime, he might even autograph his picture for you!

So I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to tuck Ollie in my bag and take him with me?  I could even take a photo of him in different places and blog about his adventures."

So there we are.

Ollie has already traveled farther than I have and through more states than I've seen. So, where is Ollie headed to next?