Monday, January 29, 2018

2018 Round Robin Quilt

I'm really excited about going to my Quilt Guild meetings this year!  I proposed doing a Round Robin quilt project and our president, Kim, liked the idea, so tomorrow I will be presenting it to the guild. 

My plan is to have everyone who wants to participate bring a 12 1/2" unfinished block to our March meeting.  They will need to put their block in a tote bag labeled with their names and can put extra fabric in if they desire.  In March, everyone will also get a Round Robin Booklet detailing each month's project with room for each participant to write notes for the quilt owner.

Here is my sample Round Robin quilt.  I'll be showing this tomorrow too, because it's hard to picture something without an actual image.

As you can see, my Round Robin quilt project will have a Log Cabin setting.  The center will be the 12 1/2" block that everyone brings in March.  Then we'll get started with the different logs around the center block.  I look forward to seeing how things will turn out, particularly as this is my very first Round Robin project plan.

I haven't made my own block yet, so you'll have to stop back to see what I come up with.  I'm thinking something modern featuring a collection of fun modern fat quarters that I bought at Quilt Market in 2016.  (Yes, I haven't used them yet.)

My goal will also be to show you what row I'm working on each month for the project.  Maybe you'd like to make your own quilt right along with me?  If you are interested, stay tuned in March for our first Round Robin row.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Scrap Stash Management

I am finally sitting down and writing my first blog for 2018.  It's funny how fast time flies.  Do you have this problem too?  Sometimes I wish the merry go round of life would slow down so that I could get off once in a while, even if it's only to take a deep breath and look around.

I had good intentions the beginning of January to get my quilting studio cleaned and ready for a new year of creating quilts and other fabulous items.  My cutting table was an absolute horror -- in order to cut anything, I had to remove piles of quilts, fabrics, and who knows what else was hiding there.  With all of the medical issues that I had in the second half of 2017, my quilting took on a PRIORITY ONLY status, which did not include putting things away unless I absolutely had to.  So, I ended up with one big giant mess.

The first thing that I did was to clean off my cutting surface.  I had a lot of fat quarters, yardage, and scraps to sort.  I folded and put the yardage and fat quarters away in their proper homes.   Now I can cut without moving a bunch of stuff. Time to move on to the pile of scraps.  Or should I say the first pile of scraps.

Everyone has their own system for dealing with the leftovers from their quilt projects.  What's yours?

 Mine has so many levels and if I can think of any way to make it more difficult or complex, you know that's the way that I would do it of course.  LOL!

Okay, here's what I do:

1)  If any scrap is less than 2 1/2" square, then it goes right into the trash.

2) As I sew, I toss strips and small pieces larger than 2 1/2" into a basket to be cut into usable pieces later.

3)  Large pieces sometimes get folded and placed by color in my fabric museum drawers.  Yes, I do indeed have a fabric museum now, don't you?

4)  If I'm working with a specific collection, I put everything together into a gallon-sized bag, box, or basket so that I can find them when I want to make another project with that collection (at least that's the general idea -- whether I can find the bag, box, or basket later is usually by chance in my studio).

 Once my basket of scraps gets full enough, then it's time to cut them up into usable pieces.  Since I do a lot of designing arund stand precuts, I tend to cut my scraps into the following:

Fat Quarters

10" squares

5" squares

2 1/2" squares

2 1/2" strips that are the width of the fabric 

Here is what my pile of scraps looked like after I cut it up.

Nice, huh?  Now I can add these to my overflowing stash of scrap precuts.  Then they will be ready when I want to put together something scrappy.  Hmm.  Maybe I'll pull out a copy of I Love Precut Quilts! and make some scrappy versions of the quilts.

Speaking of my book, I Love Precut Quilts!, did you know that Amazon has been selling copies at a deep discount?  If you haven't gotten your own copy yet, now's a great time.  Here's the link to find my book (paperback and ebook) on Amazon:  Buy I Love Precut Quilts!

If you already have a copy of my book and you liked it, maybe you'll leave me a positive review on Amazon, too. 

Did you make anything from my book?  Email photos to me -- I'd love to share them with my blog readers.