Sunday, February 19, 2017

Jelly Roll Challenge.....Round 2

Five years ago, my quilt group had a Jelly Roll Challenge as part of our monthly group get togethers -- that year, we were making smaller projects every month instead of a big sampler quilt.  It was a pretty awesome experience because we were racing against a group in Chicago at the same time.  You can see my post about our first race here.

Many of the same quilters from the PA team participated in our recent race.  Check out our finished tops!

Here is Jill. 
 She is still the  Jelly Roll Champ, finishing in 34 minutes.

Here I am.  I was second again with 42 minutes.

 This is Linda's bright and fun quilt.  This was her first Jelly Roll Race.

Looking good,  Mary Lee!

Both Gaynel (here) and Shirley (below) started with the same Jelly Roll, but they each added fabric from their stashes.  LOVE how there quilts turned out a little different.

Hello Shirley!

Here's Anita's quilt. This was her first Jelly Roll Challenge, too.

Way to go, Sherry!

We had one more Racer -- Debbie.  But sadly her machine quit on her part way through and she couldn't finish her quilt top.

Ready for another rematch???

Maybe in five years????

Monday, February 13, 2017

I Love Precut Quilts! Blog Hop Winners


Book Winners:

Pam from Oregon
Vicki from Kansas
Kathleen from BC, Canada
Christi from North Carolina
Patricia from Texas
Wendy from Minnesota
Jeneta from Australia
Cyn from Connecticut
Sandy from Tennessee
Colette from Michigan
Jan from Michigan

(Please note that there are a few more winners who haven't confirmed yet, so I will add them to the list just as soon as I have confirmation.)

Fabric Winners:

Laura from BC, Canada
Ellen from Maryland
Rina from Montanna

Congratulations to everyone!!!

If you didn't win a free copy of my book, please don't be sad......

You can still get your own copy --

Ask your local shop to carry I Love Precut Quilts! 

Stop by my website and order your very own signed copy --

Visit your favorite online shop or check out or

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Blog Hop

I am happy to say that I survived the very first blog hop that I've organized.  It was a lot more stressful than I thought it would be, but a lot more fun too.

Today, winners were contacted and as soon as everyone has confirmed, I'll announce the winners.

If you didn't win, you can still get your own copy of I Love Precut Quilts! 

You can ask your local shop owner if he/she isn't already carrying the book. 

You can visit my website: to order your very own signed copy. 

Or visit your favorite online shop such as C&T Publishing or Amazon.

I am really quite pleased how the blog hop went.  Sure, there were a few bumps along the way, but we got things figured out and kept moving forward.  The one thing that I did learn, though, is that not only is it important to have participant blogger email addresses and blog addresses, but a phone number would be helpful too.  All in all, though, not bad for my first planned blog hop.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO EITHER PARTICIPATED AS A BLOGGER OR PARTICIPATED AS A HOPPER.  Without both of you, this blog hop would have never succeeded.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


WOW!  This has been such a fun week.  I'm sew very thankful that I've had this wonderful opportunity to share my new book with you.  Thanks for coming along! :)

Of course, I couldn't have done it without my awesome bloggers!  I want to send out a GREAT BIG THANK YOU HUG to  Bea of Beaquilter, Mark of Mark Lipinski's Blog, Julie of The Crafty Quilter, Sandy of  Upstairs Hobby Room, Camelot Fabrics, Generation Q Magazine, Joy of Am I Shouting Yet?, Cheryl of Cheryl's Tea Pots 2 Quilting, Bernie of Needle and Foot, and my publisher C&T.  Yay!   I really appreciate each of you taking the time to participate in my blog hop.

I'm a little sad that it's time to wrap up my blog hop, but what a fun time it's been -- 

kind of like a week long book party!  


PSST!  Don't forget to read all the way to the bottom for a GREAT GIVEAWAY!


Since this is the last stop, 

let me tell you why I love my book,

 I Love Precut Quilts! 


Whoever invented precuts was absolutely brilliant!

Fat quarters were my first introduction to precuts.  I loved my fat quarters so much that I infected both my nieces when they were quite young -- I can still remember taking my oldest niece, Meghan to the quilt shop and encouraging her to pick out  fat quarters from the sale suitcase. (Meg, I still can't believe that you picked out that hideous pink and blue big polka dot fabric -- what were you thinking? I guess as a 2 year old, you probably didn't have a sophisticated fabric sense yet....)  I guess if I had to have the fabric bug, then I wanted everyone else around me to have it too.

Then I discovered 5'' charm still my beating heart. Now I could buy an ENTIRE fabric collection for a small amount of money.  Charm squares were an easy transition for me into all sorts of different precuts. It wasn't long before I started cutting my leftover fabrics into 5'' squares, 2 1/2'' strips, 10'' squares, 2 1/2'' squares -- you get the picture.

Now that I had this terrible precut addiction, what was I going to do????  Too much fabric and not enough time.

VOILA!  Time to write a new quilt book with projects featuring all my favorite precuts.  The funny thing is, I didn't originally start out to write a precut book, but strange and wonderful things can happen when you least expect them.


  I am a quilter with a short attention span.  I like fun projects that I can get finished fast so that I can move on to a new project.  Precuts have really helped me with this whole concept.  But it's more than just precuts -- the projects have to be designed to go together fast too.  When you add precuts to fast projects then you can make more quilts in less time.  Who doesn't want that?????

Here's one of my favorite SUPER FAST projects from my book:

It's called "Big Bow Ties" and you can literally make this bed-sized quilt top in a matter of hours with matching layer cakes and charm squares,  a collection of fat quarters, or even your stash.  The blocks are HUGE and there's only 16 of them to make.  
Add a couple borders and you end up with an 88'' x 88'' square quilt.  WOW!

Here are a couple more QUICK QUILTS from my book:

It's called "Around and Round" and you don't even have to cut up your charm squares!  
Choose a coordinating fabric and get sewing -- you'll have this cute throw done before you know it!

 This one is called "Breeze" and boy is it a breeze to put together.  It's big enough for a
 twin-sized bed, but you could easily add more rows to make it larger.  Or subtract rows to 
make a baby quilt or a throw.  Whatever size you make it, the hardest part of this quilt is deciding where to place the blocks!


Be honest.  Who doesn't want more????  I love that we had room in my book to add a lot of USEFUL EXTRAS.  Like "Tricia's Crayon Box" where I show you two additional colorways for a quilt.  Or how about TIPS scattered throughout the book to help you get the most out of your quilting?  There are alternate sizes for the quilt "Bounce" and a discussion about color theory for "Spritely."  I even threw in an extra project for a coordinating throw pillow. 
Here are two quilt variations that I put together to demonstrate that I Love Precut Quilts! isn't just a project book -- it's a springboard to more ideas and inspirations --YOURS!

This striking wall quilt is adapted from the "Divide and Conquer" bed runner.
Red, white, black, and grey is one of my favorite color combinations.

This cute little table topper is adapted from the wall quilt/children's quilt, "Bounce." 
Don't you love the batiks on solid black?

It never fails to amaze me how changing fabrics and adding/subtracting blocks can give
you an entirely new project. 

What project will you make first???


Now that you're as excited about my book as I am --




You've all been very patient, reading through my entire blog, 

so I promise that it'll be worth it!

I will be giving away the following:

1.  A copy of  I Love Precut Quilts!   (International winners please note that you will receive an ebook version)

2.  A pastel collection of hand-dyed fat quarters. 

3.  A bright collection of hand-dyed fat quarters.

4. A set of 42 hand-dyed 5'' charm squares.

Here's how it works:

You have up to 3 chances to win the prizes listed above.

1.  Leave a comment and tell me the craziest thing that ever happened to you while quilting.
2.  Become a blog follower and leave a comment telling me you that you're a blog follower.
3. Follow me on Instagram @tricia.maloney and leave a comment telling me you're an Instagram follower.

Ready!  Set!  GO!

You have from Friday, February 3rd through Saturday, February 4th to participate. 
 Winners will be selected randomly on Sunday, February 5th.


If you are not selected as a winner, don't be sad -- 

you can still get your own copy of my book  :)

1.  Ask your local quilt shop owner to carry my book.
2.  Order your very own signed copy on my website:
3.  Visit C&T Publishing, Amazon, or your favorite online retailer.

Thanks for coming along on my Blog Hop!  It's been fun. 

 Let's do it again sometime.