Friday, December 30, 2016

Precut Quilts OR.........Tricia's Quilting Channel!

Yesterday I received a HUGE box from Annie's/Quilter's World magazine.  Inside were five or six quilts that I had made for them as well as couple advance copies of publications.

I really had to smile when I perused the new Annie's Quilting With Precuts Special Interest Publication.

I had made a couple new projects for this one, but Annie's cleverly added previous precut projects that I had made for them in the past.  All in all, there are a TOTAL OF 10 OF MY DESIGNS IN THIS PUBLICATION.  That's 10 out of 25 projects that carry my name.  Sheesh!  Isn't that just crazy????

I'm thinking they'll need to change the name of their publication if this keeps happening.  :)


Tricia Quilts?
Quilts by Tricia?
The Tricia Maloney Quilting Collection?

Oh sew many possibilities.....

Don't forget to grab your own copy of this great news stand publication -- you know, Tricia's Quilting with Precuts......

And since I totally skipped blogging over Christmas, I'd like to send out a Very Merry and Happy New Year to everyone!

Here's to all of the good quilty things coming in 2017....including a blog hop for my new book.  Yay!

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