Saturday, December 10, 2016

Favorite Cat Christmas Gifts

My plan for this blog post was to continue with my Christmas song inspired quilt designs using my Electric Quilt software, but well, you know what happens.....

My cat had to have emergency surgery the other night.  We noticed that her belly looked really bloated on Sunday.  On Monday it was worse so we called the vet like good pet parents and were able to get an appointment on Tuesday.  Well, things went south from there.  Poor Callie had a terrible infection -- pyometra and had to get spayed ASAP.  So we had to take her to another vet who could do the surgery that night because waiting might have caused everything to burst.  Ugh.  Poor kitty girl.

Callie made it through surgery just fine and came home Wednesday afternoon.  She is not a very happy camper wearing her e-collar.  She also happens to be difficult to medicate and is stubborn -- charming, right?  Anyway, since her incision is huge she won't get her stitched out for 12 days (instead of the usual 7-10).  Ouch.

 Here's Callie (the tortoiseshell) with her favorite companion, Joey, before her surgery.

So in honor of Callie's recuperation, I thought I'd write a post about some fun gifts you can make for your favorite kitty children.

1.  Sushi Cat Toys by Pet Project

 Aren't these just too cute for words?  Add a little catnip and the kitties will go wild for sushi.  LOL!

2.  Recycled T-Shirt Toy by LVLY

Who doesn't have a stack of  old t-shirts siting around?  Although this toy is suggested for dogs, make it smaller and spray a little catnip spray on and kitty's got a great new chew toy.

3.  What about a special bed for kitty?

 I just did a quick search on the Internet for "homemade cat beds" and OH MY GOODNESS -- people are SEW CREATIVE!  I saw beds made out of old TV's, wooden crates, suitcases, hammocks, computer monitors, book shelves, and just about everything else!  Whatever happened to the cardboard box with a pillow inside?

Looks like I need to get in the groove and make my kitties something more fun than a store-bought round fleece bed.  LOL!

4.  Tuna Crunchers Treats by Doggy Dessert Chef

Just a couple ingredients and flour free.  The added catnip with really get kitty going.

5.  What about a cat quilt for your furry buddy?

Whenever I'm working on a quilt, I have at least one furry baby trying to help me out.  You know, curling up in the middle while I'm binding, or pouncing on it while I'm machine quilting, or maybe just hiding under it.

I haven't made a cat quilt for a while, but I did make one for my furry baby Sandy a long time ago.  Sadly, Sandy's no longer with me, but he sure loved his quilt so we buried it with him.

A simple little scrap quilt with left over quilt blocks perhaps around 30" x 30" would do for most kitties.  To make it more cozy, use flannel fabrics and a flannel or fleece back.  You could even just quilt some printed fabrics together for a super quick quilt.  I wouldn't suggest tying a pet's quilt, however, because he/she might try to eat the yarn which would not be healthy at all for your furry friend.

Well, I hope these ideas inspire you to make something special for your best furry friends this holiday season.  They sure inspired me!  I'd better get back to my studio and start whipping up some goodies for the furry kids.


  1. No furry buddy but would be great gift one of these projects.

  2. Sorry about your kitty. Hope she gets better soon.