Thursday, August 18, 2016

18 Years in the Making

This summer has certainly been a busy one -- I think I had a wedding reception, graduation party, family reunion,  or picnic nearly every week end!  Between that and making a bejillion quilts for magazines and editing my upcoming book, the summer is flying by so fast!

Anyway, this past week end, I went to a graduation/birthday party for my cousin's son, Ryan.  I knew just what to give him (or more accurately --  return to him) for part of  his gift -- HIS BABY QUILT!

As far as we can figure, Ryan gave me his baby quilt six years ago to repair it for him.  My cousin and I think it was six years ago because that's when I would have presented Ryan's new baby sister with her baby quilt (Loran is now six years old).

Anyway, when he gave me his quilt to repair, Ryan told me he wanted to pass this quilt down to his own children some day.  Isn't that sew sew sweet?????

I was really hoping that he'd forgotten that I had it since it had been in my keeping for so long.  I was right -- he did forget!

Anyway, here's Ryan much loved and very worn baby quilt:

Originally the strips around the Pooh squares were yellow and turquoise, but the yellow is more a cream color now from repeated washing.  There were lots and lots of split seams and the binding was shot.  So I stitched up the holes and replaced the binding.  I also added a label to the back so Ryan (and his future children) will never forget when it was made and who made it.

I just smile and get a case of the warm and fuzzies when I look at this quilt because this is what a baby quilt should look like.

Baby quilts are made to be used -- puked on, spit on, dragged around, chewed on, and washed over and over again.  Although this was one of my early beginner quilts -- 18 years ago -- it's still around and with a little repair work, it will be there for Ryan's children someday.  Of course, they'll probably each get their own quilts if I have any say in the matter. 

Here's Ryan showing his baby quilt at his graduation/birthday party:

A quilt.....and a young man 18 years in the making!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ollie Heads Out For A Day of Fun

After Ollie came home last month, he was itching to continue his adventures, so he begged to tag along with me when I headed to work at the Cochranton Area Public Library. 

I was afraid that he'd get bored, but he assured me that he would not.

Looks like he found something to keep himself occupied! 

After my work day was over, we checked out the Strawberry Festival at St. Bernadette's Church in Saegertown.  I think Ollie's eyes were bigger than his stomach, though!  LOL!

On the way home, we stopped to enjoy the balloons during the Thurston Classic Hot Air Balloon event in Meadville, PA.

What a day, Ollie!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ollie the Owl is Going Places

Everyone remembers "Where's Waldo" right?  Or maybe the "Flat Stanley" school project where A child mails a paper "Flat Stanley" to a grandparent or friend who lives somewhere else and that person takes Stanley around and writes about his adventures?

Well, I have a really fun idea that I'm going to do.

Meet  Ollie Q. Owl --

 Taking a little time out of his very busy schedule to 

smell the flowers and to say "Hello."

Ollie is young, single, and loves to travel.  His favorite color is green.  He likes sunsets, dogs, and going on road trips.  He has many friends and enjoys hanging out.  But most off all -- he adores adventures.

 Well, Ollie just got back from a trip across the country.  He traveled in the company of my 16 quilt projects for my new book, I Love Precut Quilts! all the way from Pennsylvania to California and back again.

In fact, Ollie is even in the new quilt book -- he's such a super star!  Ollie says that you just have to get your own copy of I Love Precut Quilts! when it comes out in November just so that you have his photo.  And if you see us around sometime, he might even autograph his picture for you!

So I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to tuck Ollie in my bag and take him with me?  I could even take a photo of him in different places and blog about his adventures."

So there we are.

Ollie has already traveled farther than I have and through more states than I've seen. So, where is Ollie headed to next?

Friday, June 17, 2016

Surprise! Quilts Show Up in Unusual Places.

Earlier this year a kind quilter named Joan emailed me asking about the fabrics that I used in my Steppingstones quilt in Annie's Lap & Throws Quilts book.

At first I was a bit confused, because I didn't know this publication, so I looked it up online.  Oh!  Of course, a new compilation of previously-published designs.

My Steppingstones design was originally published in a QW publication back in 2011/2012.  It's nice to see it again in publication.

  Here's my original drawing of the design:

Here is a photo of  Joan's finished quilt, which she kindly emailed to me.  Joan is gifting this quilt to her brother. She added two more vertical rows to make the quilt larger.  Isn't it wonderful?  Thanks for sharing, Joan.

It's funny, but I don't always know when Annie's republishes my patterns in new compilation publications -- it's too hard to keep track of these things, so it's always a surprise to be flipping through an Annie's book or special publication and see one of my designs.  It makes me smile.  This is especially fun if I'm at the grocery or craft store. For just a minute I feel like a celebrity.  LOL!

 When I was looking through the Lap & Throw Quilts book on Amazon (see the link above), I also just discovered another one of my designs, Spring Baskets.  Surprise!


Yes, quilts can pop up in unusual places.  

Remind me to tell you about the "CEMETERY QUILT" sometime........