Monday, July 15, 2019

More Fun Quilt Block Finds in My Stash

Wait to you see the blocks I unearthed yesterday!  I finished up the last crate and started another one.  I think I must have a bajillion more to go.  Who collected (hoarded) all of this stuff?????  Oh, yeah ...... me.  LOL.

Anyway, check out these awesome String Star blocks.

At first glance, they look kind of like a hot mess.  Then you start to notice the individual fabrics.  I have found fabrics from before 1900 all the way up to the 1930's in these 9 star blocks.  What a wonderful slice of textile history.

But wait -- it gets even better!  8 of these 9 blocks STILL HAVE THEIR NEWSPAPER FOUNDATIONS ON THE BACK OF THE BLOCKS!  What a fascinating bonus.  Here are the back of 3 of the blocks looks like (seriously, from a distance they all look pretty much the same).

Then I started looking a little closer at the newspaper pieces.  I discovered that the pieces seem to be from The Record Argus, which is the newspaper in the Sharon/Greenville PA area, which really isn't all that far from where I am located.

Next I went looking for dates.  I found months and days, but no years until the last Star block I looked at.  I found the date 1933. 

Most of the articles were local and society news articles, but I did find a few interesting national pieces -- one of them about boxer Jack Dempsey and his fight with Sharkey and another article about an assassination attempt on President Roosevelt!

But my absolute favorite local news piece was about a man who was drunk and had a car accident. I can't believe the color of his skin is noted in the article -- I know, it was the 1930's, but still.....  I do love that the man's pet cat was his passenger, though.

These quilt blocks are an absolute treasure.


  1. Lots of history in those blocks, front and back.

  2. I totally agree, Cheryl! They are a really interesting set of blocks.