Monday, January 28, 2019

Reclaiming My Studio Part 4 -- Stop Giving Me Stuff!


Now people are giving me MORE STUFF.  Good Grief!

Last week a couple friends and I got together at our favorite Mexican restaurant and finally exchanged our Christmas gifts.

ARGH!  Leslie gave me a stack of Vintage Orphan Quilt Blocks that she had found at the Salvation Army.

Isn't that awesome??????

NO IT"S TERRIBLE!  How am I going to purge my studio when people keep giving me more stuff to stash in my ever-shrinking sewing space?

Of course, I would never say "no."  Would you?

The blocks are wonderful.  Well-constructed with lots of really great vintage fabrics.  A few of them are earlier, perhaps 1890-1910, but the rest are Depression-era goodies.

Sigh...........I guess I'll have to buy some more bins and totes.


  1. Turn those lovely depression era blocks into a lovely quilt. You could even make it a modern quilt by appliqueing them to a solid piece of fabric (randomly all over).