Sunday, September 23, 2018

Busy Busy Busy

I've had blogging on my to-do list for the last couple weeks and just haven't quite gotten to it.  So I decided that I was going  to start this week out right and blog on Sunday.  LOL!

I thought I'd show you some recent publications featuring some of my quilt projects.   Most likely you can find them at your local shop but I've included the links to the publications on the Annie's online catalog just in case.

1.  Terrific Table Toppers.  Fun and seasonal toppers (which means table runners and table quilts).  My quilt, An Apple a Day, is on page 28.  There are 9 projects in this lovely little book that retails for $9.99 at your favorite quilt shop OR you can find it HERE -- there's even a digital download version if you prefer.

2.  Exclusively Annie's Patterns.  These are individual patterns which are mostly fast and easy and beginner friendly.  Here are my two most recent ones:  Visions Table Topper (left) and Nursery Rhymes (right).  Aren't they fun?  You can find these two patterns and a lot more HERE.

3.  Annie's Christmas Special Interest Publication (SIP).   I just saw this at local stores this past week.  It won't last very long -- there are 70+ projects ranging from quilting (of course) to crochet to knitting.  My Christmas Stars Runner is on page 22 and the matching place mats are on page 20.  Grab this one when you see it, it retails $9.99.

4.  Autumn Colors.  Get your harvest on since it's now the first day of Fall.  Time to head to your sewing space and make some cozy and fun projects for you and your loved ones.  I have several quilts featured in this one:  Color Cascade (page 12), Trick or Treat (page 16),  Harvest Star (page 92), Color Play (page 95), Modern Harvest Runner and Place mats (page 98).  Whew!  I'm getting tired just writing all of them down.  You can get it at your local shop or HERE.

Doesn't Fall just make you want to burrow in your sewing room and sew something?  These great publications will offer you lots of inspiration and options. 

Go forth and SEW!

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