Monday, October 30, 2017

Quilt Market Withdrawal

As I sit here looking at the dreary rain outside and wearing fuzzy socks and a sweater to stay warm, I wish I was in Houston at Quilt Market.  Right now I would be making my way up and down aisles filled with eye candy for quilters.  Maybe I'd stop and chat with vendors that I know or other wanderers.  I'd be pulling my small suitcase along behind me and it would most likely already be stuffed with wonderful inspiring fabrics, thread, and other quilty goodies.  I'd be exhausted, but energized by all of the things that I see.

Yes, I am having Quilt Market withdrawal.  Maybe you have it too?

Here are a few pictures of the floor at Market in Houston from some of my past trips.  In the top photo, towards the center you'll see me standing on the red carpeted aisle between the vendor booths. 

The Market show floor is HUGE!  Usually something like 30 aisles with many vendors in each aisle.  Of course, some vendors like fabric companies take up multiples spots, but the size of it is mind-boggling.  

Next to the show floor is a gigantic quilt show with many different smaller displays.  Looking for inspiration or a quiet spot to think?  This is the place.  Here are a few quilts that I admired from past shows.

Thanks for walking down Market Memory Lane with me.

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