Thursday, October 26, 2017

International Quilt Market Schoolhouse.....Wish I Was There

It's time for International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas. 

All day yesterday I kept thinking to myself  "Well, if I was going to Market, I'd be flying to Houston today."  It made me a little sad.  But then I reminded myself that I went to Houston last October AND St. Louis in the spring. 

So, I wonder what new and exciting stuff will be debuted at Market and will find its way into our local quilt shops? 

Today would be Schoolhouse Day.  Schoolhouse is a day filled with choices of mini programs all about what's new and exciting from fabric collections, books and patterns, tools and gadgets, to techniques and information.  It's a nutty day where you run back and forth between classrooms every 15 minutes or 30 minutes depending on which session.  There are usually a lot of different choices during each session and sometimes it's hard to chose just one.  By the end of the day, you're usually totally wiped out and ready for some down time.

How about Guadalahara?  The best Mexican restaurant in Houston.  A great place to kick back and chill.

Although I'm not there, I am there in spirit and in quilts.  I am a new designer for Villa Rosa Designs.

Pat is doing a schoolhouse today about new Rose Card patterns, mine included!  She will also be showing my two table runners at her Schoolhouse and will have them on display at  her booth.

Here are my first two Rose Card Patterns:

Soon, I hope to have them to sell, but for right now, you can order them on the Villa Rosa website or perhaps you'll find them at your local quilt shop. 

Tomorrow the floor will be open and hoards -- literally hoards -- of eager people will rush onto the floor to look over every vendor's booth.  It's an amazing and mind-numbing experience.  Oh!  And the quilt show -- now that's worth spending time at, just drinking in all of the amazing quilts.

Wish I was there....

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