Monday, October 3, 2016


A couple of posts ago I mentioned my Cemetery Quilt, so I am finally getting around to telling the story.

Several years ago, my family visited the cemetery when my grandparents and great-grandparents are buried.  We cleaned up around their graves and planted some flowers.  It was probably Memorial Day.

Anyway, over along the edge of the cemetery there was a refuse pile, mostly used for dead plants and grass clumps and the like.  After we finished planting flowers, we gathered up the plant garbage and headed over to dump it on the refuse pile.

Tossed on top of the pile was this quilt.  Say what?????? A quilt?  At the cemetery?  In the trash?

What a mystery.  If only this quilt could talk.  Of course I took it home.  And washed it.  You'd've done the same thing.

Isn't it tacky?  Any wonderful???  Love those double polyester knit squares!!!!

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  1. I rescued 2 quilts from my father's warehouse. No one that used the warehouse claimed them. Someone had used them as dust covers (on my mother's furniture). I also have a couple double knit quilts, too.