Monday, November 20, 2017

Carl Comes for a Visit

Good Morning!

While I'm waiting for all my Road Rally winners to send me their information, I thought you'd enjoy a little bit more about Carl the tortoise.

Carl actually came for a visit yesterday to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  I haven't seen him for a couple of weeks or so and he's really grown again!  My niece calls him her "shell puppy" and it is amazing that he really does act a lot like a dog.  LOL!

He had fun wandering around the house.  He was very curious about my dog, Gizmo and Gizmo was very curious about Carl.  When Giz finally settled down for a dog nap, Carl kept coming up to him and even grabbed some of Giz's fur in his mouth and pulled.  Boy was Gizmo surprised.  He also thought Annie the cat was very interesting.  She was equally fascinated with Carl, but preferred keeping her distance and watching him from the safety of the couch.

Here's a cute photo of Morgan and Carl.  They are quite a pair!

Well, hope you enjoyed a little bit more Carl today.  Stay tuned for the Road Rally winners.

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