Sunday, May 28, 2017

Spring Market -- Day Number 4 -- what I saw and what I did

Saturday is here!  Hooray!  This afternoon is my book signing at the C&T Booth so that gave me the morning to explore once again.  This time, I decided to take special note of the things that I saw.  I also wanted to take pictures of the things that inspired me.

Here are the things that I noticed:

1)  Bags are back -- totes, purses, and more.
2)  Kids' stuff is still strong -- clothing, toys, etc.
3)  Home Dec is here -- lots and lots of pillows.
4)  Mini quilts -- sometimes just a single quilt block finished as a mini wall quilt.
5)  Taupe is coming back (darn....I've really loved grey as a neutral and accent)
6)  Rainbow everyting is hot, hot, hot
7)  Although modern and contemporary are in, traditional and folk art are still strong in the market.
8)  Apparel is where it's at -- dresses, tops, scarves, accessories...
9) Foxes and woodland creatures are still hot and everyone's wild for llamas.

Well, that sums up what I saw trending at Market.

Here are some of the inspirational  photos I took on the show floor:

My book signing was scheduled for 1:30 PM in the C&T Booth.  Here I am, happily signing away!

Saturday night, I tried toasted raviolis -- a St. Louis speciality!  YUM YUM YUMMY!

On Sunday, it was time to say good bye to St. Louis and Spring Quilt Market as I headed to the airport to fly back to good ol' Pennsylvania.

Of course, my flight was delayed for 4 hours, but I did finally get home.

Now it's time to put all of these new inspirations and ideas to work!  Stay tuned......

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